Big Q Basketball

Big Q is the basketball league for south east Queensland. The league is in its infancy stage and will hopefully gain momentum over time. The Organisers wanted a simple but all inclusive website for players to get game details easily but also frequent for discussion and game results and wrap up.


There is a lot going on here with team and player ladders being generated from game results. A player only accessible message board for each game and post encourages players to frequent the site and create a community between that sports players across the region.


Logo design was kept simple for the use on branded clothing down the line.


Custom Admin

As with a lot of my sites, this site needed a custom admin so that administrators could easily update the content themselves with the hope that it would become totally self managed. There are three levels of user access for this site; Administrator, Game Official and Player, with each level having access to the addition of different content. This was especially necessary for game results with player statistics and season leader board automatically generated from this information. It was equally important that this admin was designed to be compatible with smart phones, as this is what the game officials had with them as the games so they could easily upload the game data after each game.



This website system was developed to be easily duplicated and reskinned for use with any sport league. In the hope of being reused and built on in future implementations.